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from Sun Yu-li Jul 31, 2003

Dear Friends,

You may heard me talking about the Universal Language (UL) that I discovered for many years, and you’ve also seen many of my paintings and sculptures done with the UL theme.

You may also remember that I always claimed and predicted that UL is the theory of everything and will eventually be needed to design the ultimate artificial intelligence of mankind.

I am glad to inform you that Roger Amidon and Neil Alers, two American visionary IT specialists are in collaboration with me towards this goal now.

Our Vision statement of the collaboration is attached www.uliat.com for your reading interest.

Also, a bi-weekly chat room has been formed with 8 members so far. If you wish to participate the chat, the web address is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uliat-chat/

This is certainly a small step forward for me after 30 years dreaming and pursuit but let me hope it will prove someday to be a giant step for mankind.


Mapping The Universe 2002
Painting by Sun Yu-li
10m x 10m

Greatness Humbles...
from Sun Yu-li Dec 31, 1999

"In life we often find ourselves searching hard in vain for something, but turn around and find it in the least expected place".

For thirty years, I embarked on a relentless pursuit in search of a formal language of the metaphysical which I coined the "Universal Language".

My chanced discovery 30 years later, stunned me with a revelation - this Language I had searched so hard to find was ultimately founded on a set of heavenly pure and simple basic elements and stringing rules, yet together, expanded to produce the dazzling brilliance of an almost hellish resplendence, capable of representing the infinite complexities of the Universe.

"If heaven is the chessboard and stars are the pieces, who plays?
If earth is the guitar and roads are the strings, who plays?

I firmly believe that in the coming millennium, this Language will be our key communication tool as we search to understand the myriad of opportunities hidden in our Universe.


Revolutionary computer system development, new holographic vision announced  

A joint statement from Roger Amidon, Sun Yu-li and Neil Alers, Jul 1, 2003

Pioneering partners invite benefactors to inquire about forming InterAura Communications, Inc.

We will be first to market a "Computer-Resident Engine Of Consciousness" (CREOC).

Computer industry pioneer Roger Amidon regularly invents “impossible,” unique engineering breakthroughs, e.g., multiplexing LCD displays, the "ZPU Card," TDL Z-80 Basic, and “The Apple Monitor,” which was the beginning of PC operating systems. Amidon was on the Epson team that established “What you see is what you get!” as the relationship between computer file displays and document printing. Subsequently, WYSIWYG (“Wizzy-wig”) became an industry standard phrase, and a goal that still identifies state of the art technology. Amidon and his two new partners are integrating their groundbreaking technology designs, to build the most effective communications systems on Earth. This Amidon team will revolutionize IT, again.

Thinker, artist, and architect, Sun Yu-li, developed machine language “stringing rules” for binary symbolic logic. “Suntax” will generate all the knowable universe. Suntax includes the most fundamental laws of self-awareness: critical laws that advance and expand Boolean algebra.

All peoples’
Throughout time and space

Inventor, artist, and entrepreneur, Neil Alers, Principal of InterAura Research, Ltd. Co., an organization of ten members from Apple, Hollywood, Microsoft, NASA, and Oracle, developed “InterAura Technology,” a comprehensive model for inter-organizational, interpersonal, and internal communications. InterAura Technology is the glossary, holographic container, and network interface for the Suntax-generated universe of data. The hologram will manifest and enable consciousness to reside and interact within and through a new type of computer system.

Amidon will lead the engineering of Suntax and InterAura Technology, plus research its ternary logic. This will establish a new type of computer system, processing data at currently unprecedented, but theoretically long-anticipated rates. Our “impossible” claims will be realized.

The partnership is ready to team with technologically savvy benefactors, to initiate ULIAT, LLC, and to generate capital by selling common stock. Short term capitalization of operating funds for property and plant will be minimal because we are a virtual organization. Equipment expenses will grow as research blossoms and branches. The period of initial investment will be about eighteen months. Rollout of the first product is envisioned for 2005. ULIAT, LLC will be a subsidiary of InterAura Communications, Inc.

InterAura Communications, Inc. will establish a global data standard and license the standard’s organization, validation and interaction. This will position our company to “tax” each bit of information communicated in the long term of the information age. This will be similarly profitable to taxing sunshine. Our company and products will operate benevolently, legally, ethically, cooperatively, and inclusively, so most people will pay for Suntax enthusiastically.

Public relations strategy for InterAura Communications, Inc. will be critical to position our high quality technology brand in manufacturing niches of artificial intelligences, manlike robots, simultaneous translation, systems networking, and super-computers. Sales and marketing teams will build cash, prior to rollout, through ticketing sales to premiere viewings and trainings, and contracting joint ventures. Long term ROI will be at pioneering rates.

In summary, we are creating a unique communication system that will manage processes and generate unique, precise intellectual property. The system will impart useful conceptual and organizational advantages to its users. Sales of system technology licenses will sustain an industry-leading corporation. For more details, see the ULIAT partnership Vision Statement.