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from Sun Yu-li / Dec 10, 2008

Dear Friends, Happy Festive Season!

For celebrating it's 10th anniversary, Google organized an open competition, calling for ideas: to change the world by helping as many people as possible. (

Yu-li takes up the challenge, and made the submission in time (click to view the submission-PDF Format). He also took the opportunity to do a 90 seconds flash animation to explain his Universal Language.

Credit: Flash Animation- Juan Sim/ Shonal Sim of Breathe
Music - Alicia Tang/ Shaw Wong Shi Haw of Pratarecords

For 30 years, Yu-li embarked on a relentless pursuit, in searching of a formal language of the metaphysical which he coined the "Universal Language" (

His chanced discovery 30 years later, stunned him with a revelation-this language he had searched so hard to find, was ultimately founded on a set of heavenly pure and simple basic elements, and stringing rules (note), yet together, expanded to produce the dazzling brilliance of an almost hellish resplendence, capable of representing the infinite complexities of the Universe.

He firmly believe that in the coming millennium, this language will be our key communication tool, as we search to understand the myriad of opportunities hidden in our Universe.

Note: Underlying all knowledge fields today is a shared set of a priori algorithms/elements. Universal Language decodes and traces back to the starting point of all knowledge fields.

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